The Top Open Source Screencasting Tools You Must Know

Screen recording has become a necessity nowadays whether you need to share gameplay, a tutorial, walkthrough, or any other kind of content straight from your computer screen. This has called for the need to get software that is fit for the job and as a result, so many programs have been crafted to satisfy this need.

Of course, the search process can be complex and tiring since you may not know what options are available for you that you can implement. While the market may have both free and paid options, this article has gone the extra mile to do the hard work for you and you are not only going to know about free desktop recorder programs but also those that are open source in nature.

The good thing about open source screen recorder software is that lots of development goes into it as anyone with the skills can add new features or even refine what features are already available. Therefore, at the end of this article, you will be looking at a boatload of open source screen recorder alternatives that will see you through a satisfactory process.



This program has been considered to be a good open source screen recorder alternative to the costly solutions that are in the market. Actually, you are able to obtain the full version of this software all for free without spending even a single penny. There are two ways to capture the screen with this program; going down right to a single frame or just recording the screen to obtain a shareable MPEG video file. At the same time, it is prudent to note that you can choose the area you want to capture on the screen so that you can leave out unwanted portions.

This open source screen recording software also boasts of an on-line encoder that is actually powerful enough to deliver top-notch results. XVidCap also has an intuitive user interface though not that modern but that should not pose any hiccups once you get started. If you are a command-line enthusiast, this open source screen recorder has got you covered too.

ShareX Screen Recorder


As one of the best open source screen recorder software, ShareX has a plethora of features that will sail you towards a reliable and successful process. It can capture the full screen, an active window, an active monitor, scroll perform scroll capture, monitor menu, last region, text capture, a custom region among other modes. It is a pretty easy program to use once you get acquainted so do not get intimidated by the user interface. In addition to that, it is lightweight in a way that does not consume much of your computer resources. In the instance you do not want to tinker with lots of options, this screen recorder delivers the auto-capture mode at your disposal too.

On the other hand, once you have captured what you need, you are opened up to a wide range of sharing options that cannot be exhausted here. This process is easy too when you consider that it integrates with the shell context menu on Windows. Whether you are screen-recording as a rectangle, ellipse, or freehand, do not forget to take advantage of the incorporated annotation tools.

OBS Studio


OBS Studio brings you a cornucopia of features bundled in a free and open source piece of software that is not platform-independent. Consequently, it can be used on Linux, Windows, and Mac without hitting any problems like compatibility issues. Actually, this open source screen recorder will not only capture the screen for you but also has video streaming capabilities under its arms. Therefore, if you want to share anything live from your desktop to any of the supported social platforms, OBS Studio is that overly powerful and reliable program for you.

Actually, it offers high performance in real-time and both screen capture and audio mixing happens even with multiple scene setup without any hassle. For ease of use, you have hotkeys at your disposal and you are also not limited in any way especially in the number of scenes you can have. You are also able to arrange the interface to your liking and at the same time enjoy rich audio filters and other tweaks that go a long way to deliver just the kind of screen recording that you are after.


Freeseer is a pretty powerful program that not only functions as an avid desktop recorder but also offers the much-coveted video streaming capabilities all for free. Nothing is unachievable with this open source screen recorder program as the whole process will feel just like a knife through butter. It is also one of a kind desktop recorder and boasts of the ability to capture VGA output or from external sources that span across RCA, USB among others.

To reiterate its powerfulness, this full version program is able to handle even large conferences notwithstanding the lots of activities, hardware, and operating systems that may be in use. Any screen that you will need to capture will be made ultimately convenient by this open source screen recording software. Definitely it has a lot to offer since it comes as a suite but the good thing is that you get to obtain it all for free.


Just as the name suggests, this is an overlay simple screen recorder program that has just what you need to accomplish a successful process to capture your screen. It brings you versatility too when you consider that you are not only able to capture a window, the full screen but also even a series of connected monitors without leaving even a single one out.

On top of that, you have the chance to define some parameters before you get down to the process to capture screen video as you will get to know here. To be specific, you can adjust the resolution and even the frame rate to match your preferences although, at the same time, you have the option of rocking the source resolution. Amazingly, the simplicity of this desktop recorder does not prevent it from achieving 1080p screen recording capabilities. All these few features will definitely give you remarkable results in the end.

Just grab any one of the above open source screen recorder software and get down to the task at hand with the ultimate ease and convenience. Of course, we cannot all go for the same software so make sure you pick the one that promises to kick the ball out of the park for you.