Process Explained

The Process Explained

The S4 solution will provide for a disposal site, in which waste is received and sorted, increasing recycling of the materials in the process.  The waste is then prepared to size for the gasification feed system.  Upon entering the Stage 1 downdraft gasifier, the waste is heated in a downdraft gasification chamber, processing in an efficient and clean manner a considerable amount of waste.

The Stage 2 gasification chamber is the plasma enhanced melter chamber (PEM™), in which the system uses heating from electrically conducting gas (a plasma) to convert waste feeds to valuable products.  PEM™ systems are highly effective in processing a wide variety of waste streams, including hazardous, medical, radioactive, industrial, municipal and tire wastes. The PEM™ system transforms the wastes into syngas, a valuable commercial product.

After leaving the PEM™ system, the syngas is cleaned to an ultra pure quality, which can be converted to multiple products. Because the PEM operates at very high temperatures, in an oxygen depleted environment, NOx, SOx, PM and VOCs are greatly reduced, and further reduced in the syngas clean up phase; resulting in clean syngas which can be transformed into energy products (ultra-clean power generation or transportation fuels production, using the syngas) and industrial materials (chemicals from the syngas; roofing tiles, insulating panels, sand-blasting media and other construction-related products from the glass; and recoverable metals). The PEM™ system is environmentally attractive based on its minimal environmental impact, and ability to provide near-total destruction of organic materials (providing large volume and weight reduction).

Finally, the resultant product (chemical, fuel, gas, or energy) can be sold back into the community/customer site from which it was derived. This provides environmentally clean, high value products, for the community from which initiated.