The Top Open Source Screencasting Tools You Must Know

Screen recording has become a necessity nowadays whether you need to share gameplay, a tutorial, walkthrough, or any other kind of content straight from your computer screen. This has called for the need to get software that is fit for the job and as a result, so many programs have been crafted to satisfy this need.

Of course, the search process can be complex and tiring since you may not know what options are available for you that you can implement. While the market may have both free and paid options, this article has gone the extra mile to do the hard work for you and you are not only going to know about free desktop recorder programs but also …

S4 Energy Solutions

About S4 Energy Solutions

S4 Energy Solutions was established as a joint venture between Waste Management, Inc. and InEnTec LLC to develop, operate and market plasma gasification facilities using Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM™) technology. S4 Energy Solutions is now a wholly owned subsidiary of InEnTec Inc. Initially, our projects will process commercial, medical and industrial waste streams to produce a range of renewable fuels and industrial products. Future commercialization plans may include the processing of municipal solid waste, provided our technology proves economical and scalable for such use.

About Waste Management 
Waste Management, based in Houston, Texas, is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America. Our subsidiaries provide collection, transfer, recycling and resource recovery, and disposal

10 Best Skype Recorder For Windows Reviews of 2019

During our daily Skype use, we may need to record different moments that we wish to store for future reference. In that case, a normal screen capture software cannot fit as the best option but instead, we need a specially designed tool whose function is to record Skype. Lots of Skype recorders have been developed especially for the Windows platform to help in this process. In this article, we will look at some of the Skype recorder software that you can choose from when the need arises.

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype


TalkHelper is an all round and the best Skype Recorder for Windows of all times. As a clean, well-designed and very reliable tool, it is capable of recording …

12 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows PC of 2018


You require the best screen recorder for Windows:  for you to create videos demonstrating your creativity during gameplay as well as sharing pointers and cheats to online audiences. Moreover, you can also record screen videos for tutorials to demonstrate lessons on programming and any other field as well as create product reviews for marketing purposes. As such, it can be seen that screen recorders play a very important role in today’s world where the internet has enabled the growth of online global communities who use videos to share ideas and concepts.

Furthermore, social media sites such as youtube, facebook, Instagram and more provide options for the online sharing of videos to millions of followers for free and …

Process Explained

The Process Explained

The S4 solution will provide for a disposal site, in which waste is received and sorted, increasing recycling of the materials in the process.  The waste is then prepared to size for the gasification feed system.  Upon entering the Stage 1 downdraft gasifier, the waste is heated in a downdraft gasification chamber, processing in an efficient and clean manner a considerable amount of waste.

The Stage 2 gasification chamber is the plasma enhanced melter chamber (PEM™), in which the system uses heating from electrically conducting gas (a plasma) to convert waste feeds to valuable products.  PEM™ systems are highly effective in processing a wide variety of waste streams, including hazardous, medical, radioactive, industrial, municipal and tire wastes. …