12 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows PC of 2018


You require the best screen recorder for Windows: www.talkhelper.com/best-screen-recorder-software-for-windows/  for you to create videos demonstrating your creativity during gameplay as well as sharing pointers and cheats to online audiences. Moreover, you can also record screen videos for tutorials to demonstrate lessons on programming and any other field as well as create product reviews for marketing purposes. As such, it can be seen that screen recorders play a very important role in today’s world where the internet has enabled the growth of online global communities who use videos to share ideas and concepts.

Furthermore, social media sites such as youtube, facebook, Instagram and more provide options for the online sharing of videos to millions of followers for free and this online audience has created the demand for professional screen recorded videos. Software for screen recording serve the purpose of recording videos on your monitor and most have editing options once a video has been created. The best programs for screen recording include TalkHelper, Camtasia, ShareX, Debut Video Capture, SmartPixel, OBS Studio, TinyTake, Screencast-O-Matic, Bandicam Screen Recorder, Ezvid, iSpring Free Cam, and Apowersoft. Interestingly, Apowersoft is the only online screen recorder featuring in this list of the best screen recording software for Windows while the rest require you to install them before use. However, they are light and do not use much processing power which is great for recording videos while running other programs.

Camtasia Studio  for Windows                                                                                                        

If you wish to record professional videos easily as well as online content with clickable links, Camtasia Studio is the software for you. It is a great screen capturing program which is not only easy to use but also allows you to take part in the action through webcam recording.

Additionally, the green screen effect for this feature allows you to integrate into the scenes beautifully giving you the appearance of being part of the action which is amazing for product reviews and tutorials. The ability to create videos with clickable links helps in the creation of screen recorded videos for product reviews leading customers and interested people to stores and other websites with the products. It is however very expensive but has a trial version that is free for 30 days.

TalkHelper Screen Recorder for Windows

TalkHelper is one of the best screen recording software with the ability to record not only the computer’s screen but also the webcam and added audio recording functions. With TalkHelper, you can easily record the screen with the webcam simultaneously with a smooth voice synthesis which allows you to narrate or talk over your video which is a great tool for tutorials, lessons and product reviews as well.

Moreover, your screen recorded videos do not have unsightly watermarks imposed on them when using the software which is important in maintaining a professional outlook on your videos. Sharing the videos online is also easy since one can easily upload to social media sites as well as YouTube and also store for later use. Video editing is also supported by the incorporation of animations such as scrolling text and callouts easy.

Ezvid for Windows

Ezvid for Windows is one of the free software for screen capturing compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10. It creates professional videos and uses the computers processing power to increase the speed of the screen recording. With that in mind, you can easily create a great video from recording the screen for either tutorials or product reviews. Ezvid also has great editing options that give you the chance to edit out parts and add annotations as well. Uploading to sites such as YouTube is easy and it has a curated site for videos which users find appealing calling it the first exclusive video Wiki. Donating a few dollars is however required.

Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder has both the free and paid options and the best thing about the software is that there are no discernible lags when using it to record screen videos or games. As such, it serves as an important program for recording gameplay on the screen and sharing this with your friends on online platforms.

Video editing is also available with options for editing out parts and merging video files. Other options available include real-time drawing and annotation as well. You can also record from external devices with Bandicam such as the webcam, PlayStation and Xbox. Voice mixing to the video is an option for narrations and explanations when screen recording.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a completely free screen recording software for Windows that allows you to choose the quality of your recording thus giving you quality and professional screen recorded videos at no cost. Whereas other screen capturing programs have length restrictions on videos, OBS Studio has none and this gives you great value since you can easily record lengthy lessons or tutorials as well as games.

High definition game streaming to YouTube is also supported as well as HD recording of games since it records directly from the graphics card. This also means that OBS Studio records games in full screen quite easily and at the highest quality. There are customizable hotkeys for full-screen game recording and this helps in giving a smooth gaming experience while screen recording.


TinyTake advertises itself as a free screen recording software and while this is true, the free version is really limited with few features and the majority of the amazing features come with the paid version. Despite this, TinyTake is a great software which has an optimized built-in viewer for both computers and mobile devices.

As such, you can create screen recorded videos for the purpose of sharing to social media sites where most users use mobile devices. Video annotation is also part of the editing features present and this has options such as adding graphics from the local drive. The only downside is that it has a limited length for screen recording at only five minutes with the free version.



ShareX is a free software for screen recording videos with no watermarks as well as time limits present. Additionally, sharing is integral to ShareX just as the name suggests and with this, you can directly send your screen captured files and videos to social media sites and other sites easily with a single click.

Keyboard shortcuts are present and these serve well due to the unintuitive interface which does not appeal to many users. The option for scheduled screen recording makes it one of the best since you can set a schedule for screen recording when you may not be present. Furthermore, ShareX also has the optical character recognition (OCR) feature which allows you to identify text in videos.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft is a browser-based free screen recording software which only requires a launcher application for your browser. It has no length limitation on screen recordings and it gives you options for recording the whole screen or regions of the screen.

Video output formats are many and they include WM, MOV, MP4, AVI and more. It is also integrated with online cloud-based storage sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive thus you can easily upload videos when done. YouTube uploading is also available as well as Vimeo which makes it great for a free browser-based screen recorder. Apowersoft is a great tool for tutorials and product review demonstrations since editing options are available and this helps generate professional screen recorded videos for any audience.


Screencast-O-Matic is one of the best screen recording software for Windows which allows you to simultaneously record both the webcam and the screen as well as audio from the microphone and the system. This makes it ideal for YouTubers in content creation as well as teachers when creating online classes which require explanations.

It has both the free and paid versions with the latter featuring no watermarks as well as accessing topnotch video editing tools that allow you to cut out parts, add annotations and more. Moreover, the paid version also has the capability of publishing content to Vimeo, Dropbox and Google Drive and recording audio from the system. The free version has watermarks that are visible and also have limited options for online publication of created content.

Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is one of the best screen recorders which offers scheduled screen recordings as well as recording from external cameras such as the webcam and other cameras. This makes it ideal for home security systems since one can use it to record on schedule the security cameras when they are away from the home.

This is boosted by the high-quality screen recorded videos provided by the Debut Video Capture as well as lacking time limits and post editing features. However, one has an option of adding filters, watermarks and captions prior to screen recording for the best output. Moreover, you can record the whole screen or regions of the screen as selected depending on your taste.

iSpring Free Cam

Just as the name suggests, iSpring Free Cam is absolutely free and easy to use with the ability to upload directly to YouTube screencasts saved only in WMV format. There are no watermarks for screen recorded videos using the software and no length limitations as well which makes it ideal for the demonstration of products during reviews and online creation of tutorials.

The additional option for recording system sounds, mouse clicks as well as voice from the microphone makes it suitable for interactive screen recorded tutorials that require narrations. iSpring Free Cam also saves videos in high definition and has editing options for trimming the video, applying audio effects and much more. Its interface is also intuitive making it easy to use for first time users.

SmartPixel for Windows

For smooth screen recording and high-quality videos, SmartPixel is the go-to software for Windows. It is designed specifically for gamers and hence utilizes high frame rates and uses advanced video compression technology which gives high definition videos while saving on disk space at the same time.

Video editing options include merging, dubbing, annotating and more when you are done recording and there are no watermarks present as well. Webcam recording is also supported and also picture-in-picture mode which allows the simultaneous recording of both the screen and the monitor for tutorials, product reviews or online lessons. However, it is created to provide the best gaming experience and this is achieved through the seamless screen recording of gameplay in full screen without lagging and at high frame rates for the best quality and also the utilization of disk space.


Whether your interest lies in games, demonstrating products and software, creating tutorials or online lessons, you require the best screen recording software to ensure that you capture at the best quality, screen recorded videos and share with your online community.

Most screen recording software key features include the ability to record the whole screen or parts of the screen, audio recording from both the system and the microphone, video editing options and webcam recording. As such, you can easily create professional screen recorded videos with personalized watermarks or logos that identify you and further serves your brand. There are both free and paid versions for screen recorders and the decision to pick either depends on your projected use as well as the features available. The best 12 are listed above due to their great features and value added when screen recording since such increase viewer engagement.